Friday, August 7, 2009

I've been AFK

I must have been too busy/uninspired the past month or so, but I know I've been neglecting and been away from this blog much longer than I would like. But I have excuses: The summer here in Chicago has been too good and I'm usually out and about instead of at home crocheting; I've been busy cleaning and preparing our house for the tons of guests we had; cat ate my yarn! Ok, so the last one isnt true, but falls in the category of excuses =)

Im back to crocheting and my DNA is looking pretty good. I can't wait to get it picture ready! Murlocs aren't coming out so well, we'll have to tweak it. Mr. Met head is done, but wondering about the body, and the Mets season is not at all helping to keep me inspired.

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