Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amigurumi Pipetman

Oh the trusty pipetman! No researcher can live without it. I've wanted to try this for awhile, to crochet a pipetman. Here's the one I use every day:

And here's what I came up with last night:

My P20 and P200 pipets have a small yellow circle on top:

It's fun to play with at least!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Dislike Sales Reps

So I work in a research lab and we have an open lab system, so there are constantly Sales Reps coming in and out and trying to sell us their stuff. It ends up being really annoying because you're trying to dodge sales reps and avoid eye contact. *Look Down! Don't make eye contact or they'll talk to you for an hour!* - kind of attitude.

Unfortunately, a sales rep called me and here's what transpired (I should note that the caller had a British accent and sounded first):

Sales Rep: Would you like to buy our *insert name of apparatus,* it will cut down your gel running time to 10 min?

Me: What kind of gels?

Sales Rep: For gel electrophoresis!

Me: Is it for Agarose gels?

Sales Rep: No, but it's very, very fast!

Me: What samples do I run in it?

Sales Rep: It's for gel electrophoresis...

Me: Have you ever run a gel before?

Sales Rep: Not really, but what it says here, is that it's top of the line and cuts down your run time.

Me: Do you understand what I'm asking you?

Sales Rep: Yes, it's for gel electrophoresis!

Me: *sigh* Is it for DNA or Protein?

Sales Rep: DNA

Me: So it's for agarose gels

Sales Rep: No. That's not what it says.

Me: Then it's acrylamide

Sales Rep: No, not that one either.

Me: I guess I'm not interested then, I deal more with proteins anyway...*facepalm*

Sales Rep: Ok well if you are more interested in preparing protein samples we have this other machine called *insert apparatus name here.* It will completely automate your sample preparations.

Me: Ok, what does it do?

Sales Rep: Automates your sample preparations...

Me: But how?

Sales Rep: I can gladly email you more information if you are interested!

Me: I just want to know what it does!

Sales Rep: Automates your sample preparations for proteins!

Me: No, I do not want any more information...oh you hear that, that's my timer going off. I have things to do, like manually prepare my samples....


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