Sunday, April 4, 2010

Glycine, The Amino Acid

This is totally unrelated, but I watched Zombieland yesterday, for the second time, and it's still as awesome as ever. I just had to say that...I also watched Twilight and New Moon again and still want to watch them again. Even though I hate the casting job as Robert Pattinson as Edward, it still amuses me. I still have this desire to create vampire methanes or some crazy stuff like that. Perhaps zombie methanes at some point.

But anyway, on to today's picture takings. We have Glycine, two ways:

Mr. Glycine

Baby Glycine

That's right, two ways. I had first made Mr. Glycine (a couple months ago), and thought he looked a little weird with his amino antennae balancing on his head, so I created a smaller version, Baby Glycine to play with the conformation and face placing. I did, however, just realized my mistake in creating the amino group for Baby Glycine, and that the atoms are placed in a planar fashion, as opposed to its actual bent fashion. My Orgo teacher would be reprimanding me right now. But as it is, I think it still looks cute and is optimal for helping the molecule stand upright. So you get the idea. Of course an Etsy convo will make me fix this up real quick, but for now, I think I'll keep it.

I am starting to fear that adding more atoms to a molecule makes it less cute and less susceptible to appropriate face placing. We might have to forgo the face placing with larger stuff.

Any opinions on which form of Glycine you prefer? Or do you think a zwitterion is more appropriate?

I also have better pics of Cyclohexane, one of which contains a bunny ear photo. My husband has a thing for bunny ears and would refuse to put down his hand until i took the picture. I felt like it belonged in the Etsy shop as well and at least it gives an idea of proportions!

The colors come out much nicer when theres actual sunlight to take pictures. Sorry for the shoddy first-attempt photography. I still haven't gotten any better, and I'm just bad at taking pictures...its a skill i never acquired.

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