Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Many Things To Do

I've just gotten back from Mexico last Saturday, which means returning to work life has been a nightmare. It's definitely been difficult to do experiments when you're constantly thinking of laying on the beach or going to the pool. At least it still feels like Mexico, since Chicago can't get a break from the heat waves! Methane with a sombrero anyone?

SC2 is out, which means, I've also been slacking in the home matters and anything that has to do with crochet. This is not good behavior for someone with a craft fair in one month.

So...we are swearing off the SC2 (well, maybe not swearing off...but maybe I can just reduce my SC2 playing to 1 game a day...maybe 3 or 4 on the weekend. Ugh, this plan is already not working...).

But as long as I get through my to-do list, we should be good for Sept 11:

1. Crochet, crochet, crochet - I have like a billion methanes in stock, but somehow all the other molecules had failed to produce. I'll be posting spoiler pictures on the weekend.

2. Buy beaker set for tablescape. I am a chemist...I should have these already in my house. Even Alton Brown cooks with beakers!

3. Sticker Labels for FB and Twitter accounts to put on Business Cards. Buying 1000 business cards from was a good idea 5 months ago, especially since they were free (only paid for shipping costs). However, starting facebook and twitter only 3 weeks ago and NOT putting them on cards = fail.

4. Cookie/candy tray. Freebies at craft fair = more foot traffic into the booth

5. Paper crafting. I dread it. It's time consuming, I'd rather crochet...but the methanes need price tags!

6. Finish sewing tablecloths. I bought fabric in hopes that it would be a much cheaper, simpler addition to a booth. It's definitely cheaper...but not so much simpler. I can't find myself being able to sit down and pin a hem for a 9ft piece of cloth.

7. Tablescape, tablescape, tablescape...I'm so bad at it. It will be rough.

Hopefully there will be progression!

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