Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Project: I Just Love Christmas

I love it like crazy! It's mostly likely because it's also my birthday on the 26, but I can't get enough of all the christmas lights and decorations. I love being able to work on Michigan Ave in Chicago during the holidays and seeing all the stores lit up on my way home. And even though all those christmas songs are playing all the time on the radio now, I still love it!

Unfortunately the puny, little tree at Daley Plaza was disappointing, but we got to sample all the yummy food at Chriskindlmart this year. Although I probably should have waited to go till later and the crowds die down, it was still as tasty as ever!

Here's some more Christmas inspiration:

A cup of Christmas water up on my Etsy! All this crocheting and filling orders is definitely keeping me busy! I stuck my hand in these pictures as a homage to my old dreams of becoming a hand model. Unfortunately that never panned out, mostly because doing research is much more fulfilling, and I dont think I can get away with not cleaning or doing my dishes.

Only a few weeks left! Watch out for Valentine's Methanes!

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