Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Project: Tiled Outdoor Table

Ok, so I know this has absolutely nothing to do with crochet or knit or anything with yarn, but I really didn't do so much crocheting this weekend. I was pretty much working all weekend on this table project.

Our outdoor space has no tables. We have this wonderful balcony that faces the Chicago skyline, and we pretty much just have a barbecue and a bench out there and we really really really needed some kind of outdoor table just to put our stuff on. So i searched for one at all the obvious places like crate & barrel and pottery barn, but I didn't like the idea of spending over $100 on an outdoor table that's meant to get all weather worn.

At the same time I have these really ugly boring $10 Ikea laminate tables from my graduate school days that I would throw in the dumpster in a heartbeat:

But they're the perfect size for an outdoor table. However, after watching hours and hours of HGTV like I do on any given day, I know better than to just set it out there on my balcony without weatherproofing it first.

***I did spend a lot of time documenting my table transformation, but unfortunately the camera's memory card is messed up so I only have one picture***

I looked up several websites that are solely dedicated to sprucing up ikea furniture (like ikea hacker) and decided to sand, prime and paint the table. I used an exterior white paint (to protect the table from mildew) and decided to finish the table top with ceramic and glass tiles using a thinset and grout that's recommended for shower tiling since its water resistant. While I don't suggest going to Home Depot for tile, because their tile section is severely lacking in diversity, I did happen to find a green tile that I liked.

And now my ugly black table isn't so ugly anymore:

I probably only spent ~$60 on materials but have a ton of paint and tile adhesive + grout to last for awhile. I still have another ugly black table, so I'm still thinking of another way to transform it, or even adding a backsplash to my kitchen. More crochet tomorrow, I promise!

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