Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Greatest Crochet Accomplishment Ever

My beautiful afghan throw (pardon the cruddy photography skills and blanket placement):

I made this from a book that I bought a really long time ago but never really tried to put it together. Every individual square is supposed to have a different pattern although somehow I repeated one by accident, but you can't really tell. Since purple is my favorite color I picked it out first and then chose some nice accent colors. I really liked how it came out and it has a permanent resting place on my couch. I also absolutely love a warm comfortable throw and probably own over a dozen of them for my tiny 2-bedroom condo. So it was definitely nice to be able to make one of my own.

It took me about a month to complete with tons and tons of yarn. I used a more expensive yarn, the Bernat Satin collection so I'm not so sure it's very cost effective, but definitely makes you feel accomplished, which is what I needed after a stressful time in my life. Crochet is really a great kind of therapy!

I'm taking a little break from the blog to go spend time in New York with my family, I'll be back next Wednesday, hopefully with some cute amigurumi!

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