Thursday, May 14, 2009

On My Way to Taiwan...

I got to visit one of my very many hometowns earlier this year in Taipei, Taiwan and came across this cute book in a Japanese bookstore in XiMenDing, a place where all the young kids hang out (and reminds me how old I am):

Hello Kitty Amigurumi apparently is all the rage, but I'm glad I bought my book from a real bookstore in Asia rather than Ebay or Etsy. The Kitties are all so cute! Although, I do think that a lot of the patterns have some kind of flaws which make the hello kitty heads kind of lopsided and slanted, but is easily fixed by modifying the pattern. And since I dont really read Japanese or even Chinese, I just manage to match up the characters to know what head or arm looks like. And here's a final product:

The Strawberry themed Hello Kitty is definitely one of my favorites.

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